You could be entitled to compensation

Personal injuries in public places are usually the result of slips, trips and falls. Public injury compensation claims can be caused by a number of different factors including, slipping on ice or wet surfaces in restaurants, courtyards, office buildings etc, the public highway, shops or supermarkets.

Preventing injuries

Wherever you are in a public area, there is always a risk of an accident causing personal injury. You would have to be prisoner in your own home to escape all possible risks in public locations. Usually those responsible for public areas keep their properties in good condition and are usually aware of all possible hazards and take precautions to prevent them from causing personal injury to others.

However, this is not always the case and it could be that the parties responsible have failed in their duty of care towards visitors and have caused a member of the public some kind of injury as a result of their negligence.

Public injuries can be caused by accidents in schools/colleges, on public transport, in buildings which are open to the public, in a lift or on an escalator or even in a park or playground. Injuries in public areas can happen anywhere.

Claiming public injury compensation

If you suffer from personal injury due to an accident in public, you will only be liable to claim compensation if you are able to prove specific facts. You will need to prove that someone was responsible for the area where your accident occurred and through that person’s negligence you have been caused personal injury. Proof that this duty has been broken will also need to be obtained, for example; you attended a restaurant and caught food poisoning due to your meal being poorly prepared and this would be an example of negligence as it is the restaurants duty to make sure all food is prepared properly in accordance with Health and Safety Standards. The personal injury would be the pain and suffering caused by the food poisoning.

Can I claim?

This type of claim can be fairly complex and we would advise you to contact Broad Yorkshire Law at the earliest time possible after suffering from personal injury.

Highway authorities, local authorities, occupiers of premises’, employers, fellow colleagues and drivers all have a different duty of care towards the safety of others who could be injured by their negligence. The duty for each individual or organization can differ which can make things complex as there are many defences to various types of compensation claims. Even if the Defendant decides to defend the case that does not mean that all is lost and we cannot make a claim. Indeed, if the case has enough merits then we would continue to place the matter before the Courts for a Judge’s opinion.

The earlier the claim is made the better in this respect so that the party responsible for your accident does not move away from the area.