It’s not only drivers that can make a claim; we can deal with your claim if you are a passenger or a motorcyclist, cyclists and pedestrians too.

Car accident claims

Many people who suffer from a car accident most commonly claim for whiplash or back injury. A whiplash or back injury is caused by sudden movement of the head or body forwards, backwards or sideways. It often occurs after a sudden impact such as a road traffic accident. The vigorous movement of the head or body damages the ligaments and tendons in the neck or back. After an accident, the symptoms of whiplash or back injury can often take a while (6-12 hours) to develop. Symptoms can also radiate into the shoulders and arms.

  • Common symptoms of whiplash/back pain include:
  • Neck/Back pain and stiffness
  • Tenderness over the neck/back muscles
  • Reduced and painful neck/back movements
  • Headaches

What causes car accidents?

A car accident can be caused by many different things including, intoxication, speed or a driver error which is the most common cause of road traffic accidents. Car accidents can also be due to environmental problems such as cracks in the road or even potholes.

If you have suffered from personal injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault, we can help you make a compensation claim to assist with your injuries, car damages or any loss of earnings due to the accident.

If you have suffered from personal injury or financial loss due to a road traffic accident caused by another motorist, your compensation claim will be made against the other motorist’s insurance company. If your personal injury was caused by an environmental factor which would include problem with the road, the claim will then be made against the Highways agency.

Claiming car accident compensation

Many people do not claim compensation when they have been in a Road Traffic Accident as they see it as being too much hassle. As your solicitors that is what we are here for, to deal with your claim 100% and provide you with regular updates and on occasion requesting information from yourselves.

We understand that claiming compensation after a Road Traffic Accident can seem daunting, but insurance policies are there to cover all costs against car accident claims.

As well as claiming compensation for the personal injury you have suffered from due to a road traffic accident, the compensation claim will cover any money you have lost due to the accident, any car damages you may have and will help you with all loss of earnings if you have had to leave work to take time for recovery.