Sheffield family sues over operation death

Relatives of a woman who bled to death following an operation at a Sheffield hospital are taking legal action.

Louise Grant, of Ben Close, Loxley, went to the Northern General Hospital to have a benign cyst removed, but complications set in.

The 46-year-old mum-of-two suffered internal bleeding, described by a medic as ‘torrential’.

During her inquest, it emerged surgeons removed a third of Mrs Grant’s lung during the operation without consent.

Following the surgery, sutures used to tie off the vital pulmonary artery became displaced and Mrs Grant started bleeding to death internally, without anyone realising until it was too late.

A tube from a chest drain which could have highlighted the problem became kinked when she was moved from the operating table to a bed and little blood came out.

Mrs Grant then suffered a heart attack and it was 20 minutes before surgeons opened up her chest again to discover the bleeding.

Legal action is to be taken against the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which has denied liability.

29th July 2014
Carly Bayliss