We deal with a variety of family cases from divorce through to child access. These types of cases can be very distressing to the persons involved and as such we aim to make the process as painless as possible. We are not the type of law firm to encourage our clients to be unreasonable or difficult so as to increase legal fees. In fact our approach is the opposite promoting as much compromise between both parties as possible so as to avoid escalating fees and animosity between all concerned. The last thing you need is more stress and more fees! We are not a law firm who has large, fancy, plush offices that need paying for through your fees! We do what is right and will advise you properly and will fight your corner to the end if we believe that you have good chances of success. We would never incur legal fees unnecessarily! We also offer a lower rate of £144.00 per hour when the usual rate for a solicitor (Grade A) would be £201.00 per hour. We aim to ensure our clients experience a good service from us which is professional and personal to our client and their particular needs. We are happy to visit clients at their home and to liaise with clients outside of office hours; we are here to work around you! Being a small law firm, we rely on repeat custom and thus we ensure that our service and your experience with us is second to none.