If you have been injured at work, do not hesitate to make a claim

Although construction workers need to take responsibility for their own care and safety to some extent, construction injuries are usually due to negligence on the part of your manager or employer. Which means if you are injured on a construction site while working and the injury is due to someone else's negligence, you, as an injured employee could be entitled to a construction accident compensation claim.

Should you make a claim

Making a claim will always help financially. Interim payments towards your injury claim can be obtained and can help to provide you with compensation for any loss of earnings or living expenses required as a result of the injuries sustained. This can of course, help to support the lifestyle that you have become accustomed too and will also help to pay those vital bills such as mortgages and usual living expenses.

It is human nature to worry about what your work colleagues will think if you make a claim for compensation due to your accident, but it is important to remember that by making a claim you are making your employers and managers aware of the hazard that caused your injuries and this will then prevent anyone else suffering from the same type of accident. By making your employers and managers aware of this you are making the construction site much safer. Furthermore, insurance is there for a reason and your employer is highly likely to be insured by an insurance company against any claim that is made. It will therefore, be the insurance company who makes the compensation payment and not your employer.

If you claim compensation due to a construction accident all your personal details are confidential and under the Data Protection Act cannot be passed onto anyone unless you inform us that we can. That way, only the head office of your construction site who deals with the claims will be informed of your claim so your colleagues will not be informed of this information unless you inform them yourself. Your employers should not disclose confidential information regarding your accident to other employees.

What you will have to do

Claiming compensation due to a construction accident is a lot easier than most people believe. You will be put in touch with the best solicitor, based on their experience, to handle your claim and to retrieve all the details of your accident from you. Your solicitor will then contact the head office of your employers and inform them of your accident by a letter of claim which will also inform them of the injuries you have sustained due to their negligence. We also send your claim to one of our most experienced barristers who will be able to inform us of the prospects of success should your employer deny responsibility for the accident.