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As more people choose to cycle, cyclist’s vulnerability on the road is increasing and becoming a serious issue. Cyclists are vulnerable on all roads which are shared with cars and heavy goods vehicles. Due to the nature of the bike, there is very little protection afforded to the rider when faced with a vehicle.

Injuries caused in cycling accidents are usually extremely severe; although cyclists usually travel at a low speed if a vehicle hits them they have no protection. Whether an accident is caused by motorists, other cyclists, poorly maintained roads, slippery surfaces or obstructions, Broad Yorkshire Law are able to make a claim for you.

Our team at Broad Yorkshire Law are specialist compensation solicitors who are experts in helping and acting for people who have suffered from personal injury arising out of bicycle accidents.

In 2013 cyclists in the United Kingdom were either injured or killed on our roads as follows; 107 people were killed, 3,085 severely injured, 16,023 slightly injured which makes 19,215 who in 2011 suffered injury as a result of a bicycle accident.

Many people believe that making a compensation claim is too much hassle, but that is what Broad Yorkshire Law are here for, we do all the paper work and contact you throughout your claim for regular updates, making the claim process simple and stress free for all of our clients. By making a compensation claim you are making people more liable, aware and responsible for cyclists who often seem to be overlooked on our roads. If your claim has the effect of making even one motorist more responsible towards cyclists, then you could have prevented that motorist from hitting another cyclist in the future.