Injured in the office

In most cases offices are seen as a fairly safe working environment, they do not include hazards like factories or construction sites with high risks. Although offices are seen safe there is a number of office injuries which people are entitled to claim compensation for.

Injuries caused in an office tend to be a result of inadequate desks and seating arrangements which is bad organisation for desk workers. Slips and trips are also another factor causing injuries in offices due to loose cables that are easily hidden and fallen over. Other accidents can include slips and trips in the cafe areas, injuries on stairs and also injuries in lifts and escalators or even having to lift heavy boxes with contents such as folders or paper.

Personal injury claims are all the same in some aspects, if an employer has failed to make sure all employees are working in a safe environment, you may have a claim as your employer has been negligent in their duties towards staff.

Preventing office injuries

Offices are subject to health and safety legislation. This means that all employers have a duty to make sure all employees are working in a safe environment and if any tasks are carried out such as moving equipment, they are given the correct training to do so. Employers have a duty to take precautions to make sure offices are safe to prevent any accidents happening in the first place.

Claiming compensation following an office injury

If you have suffered from an injury due to an office accident you should not be afraid to make a compensation claim against your employer. Your employer will have the correct insurance to cover them against any compensation claim. You may also want to know that by law, your Employers Company cannot be shut down due to an office injury claim.

If your employer has failed to make sure you are safe at work it is usually the case that your employer will continue in their failings to make the office safe and one of your colleagues could also then suffer from a similar type of accident. If your employer is made aware of your accident through a compensation claim it is more likely that your employer will make sure all health and safety in the office is checked on a regular basis to prevent recurrence.

Broad Yorkshire Law appreciate that claiming against an employer can be a sensitive matter, but do not forget your legal rights, it is illegal to dismiss an employee on this basis. If you are thinking about making a claim or you believe you are entitled to make a claim contact Broad Yorkshire Law on 0114 3277359 or fill out a claim form on our website.